Improve your deadlifts

Bench presses, squats and deadlifts, the three composite exercises that really matter. This article is focused on the deadlift, and we give you 6 tips to improve and make this exercise easier.

  1. Look straight ahead at the highest point

When performing barbell deadlifts, you sometimes contract your chin and tilt your head when you are at the highest point. You actually want your head to take a more neutral stance. Try to keep your head aligned with your body so, when you reach the deadlift’s highest point, you are also looking straight ahead.

  1. Push out your chest, through your arms

Throughout the exercise, you should aim to push your chest out through your arms. This will ensure that you assume the best position throughout the exercise to get the best posture.

  1. Focus on a lockout after the bar has passed your knees

After the barbell has passed your knees, the only thing to focus on is the lockout. Push your hips forward and powerfully contract your glutes. This will force the lockout and make it easier.

  1. Pre-tension the bar

Pre-tensioning the bar is important to achieve full body tension. If there is 100 kg on the bar, first pull 99 kg up before you commence the exercise. This will place tension on the bar before you start the deadlift. The deadlift can then begin.

  1. Put your lats under tension

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous statement; Place tension on the bar. Both points ensure your back and lats are under tension, ensuring the ideal starting position. The deadlift will help grow the lats and create a tighter waist.

  1. Push through the floor

Once you have assumed the starting position and started the deadlift, you have to imagine pushing through the floor as you would with a leg press. This is a great tip that makes the deadlift a lot easier.6 T