Bodymass Nutrition Whey Protein

It is very important for athletes to get sufficient proteins because protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass. The speed at which proteins are absorbed from food depends on the type of protein and the type of food. The proteins that can be absorbed fastest are whey proteins. This means whey proteins are extremely suitable as a post-exercise meal to ensure the body is immediately supplied with muscle-healing amino acids. Bodymass Whey Protein contains only 100% pure whey proteins and no added sugars or other proteins. To guarantee the best quality, every production batch is checked by an independent laboratory (Eurofins) for purity and the percentage of proteins. 30 g provides no less than 24 g of whey proteins. Bodymass Whey Protein ensures you get the absolute top quality whey proteins for the lowest price.

 Unique properties of Bodymass Nutrition Whey Protein:

  • Contributes to a growth in muscle mass
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • 24 g of whey protein per 30 g serving
  • Very high biological value
  • No added sugars
  • Instant quality whey proteins (much more soluble than regular whey proteins)
  • Very high protein percentage (80%)
  • Best Price-Quality Ratio
  • Excellent flavour
  • High L-glutamine and BCAA content
  • Aspartame free
  • Suitable for all athlete types
  • Guaranteed quality and purity (tested by Eurofins labs)

Ingredients: strawberry flavour:

whey protein concentrate (milk), aroma, colouring: beet red; sweetener: sucralose.


Ingredients: chocolate flavour:

whey protein concentrate (milk), low-fat cocoa powder, flavour, sweetener: sucralose.


Ingredients: vanilla flavour: whey protein concentrate (milk), aroma, sweetener: sucralose.



Dissolve the contents of 1 scoop (30 g) in 225 ml of water or milk. Take 3 shakes per day.

Nutrition:                             per 100 g                  per 30 g

Energy (kJ)                                       1632                          490

Energy (kcal)                                    390                             117

Fat                                                     6.4 g                          1.9 g

of which saturated fatty acids      4.1 g                          1.2 g

Carbohydrates                                 4.3 g                          1.3 g

of which sugars                              4.3 g                          1.3 g

Proteins**                                         80.3 g                        24.1 g

Salt                                                     0.9 g                          0.27 g


Percentage of amino acids on the total amino acid profile:

Alanine 5.0
Arginine 2.5
Aspartic acid 10.8
Cystine 2.2
Glutamine 17.8
Glycine 1.8
Histidine 1.8
Isoleucine*** 5.8
Leucine*** 10.4
Lysine 8.9
Methionine 2.1
Phenylalanine 3.1
Proline 6.1
Serine 5.0
Threonine 7.0
Tryptophan 1.9
Tyrosine 2.9
Valine*** 5.0

** Dry Matter
***=BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids)